How to Convert pdf to word Online Free.

PDF and Microsoft Office .docx file has become on of the most popular files format for PC and other computer devices. There are several other formats also that are used by many peoples. Sometimes you want to create any PDf file without installing an software or app on your mobile device. It is not easy to edit any pdf file for an average pc user at this situation you will think that the files should be in DOc file format because it is very is to use.

So, what is the solution of all of the above problem. There is a simple solution i.e you should convert the pdf files to a doc file format. A internet website named as PDFConverter will help you to convert your files from pdf to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It's a quick-solution tool, very handy for anyone in a hurry. You can also create an PDF file also onle. Just you have to type what you want and download it in the form of PDF file. This is secure service the download link will be sent to your E-Mail ID only nowhere else. So any on can not download by going back to the site from your browser's history.


Main Features of PDFConverter. 

• Native and scanned documents conversion

• No file size limit

• Safe and easy to use

• Fast and accurate conversion results

• Hassle-free: no need to buy or install anything on your computer

How To Use convert PDFConverter. 

The user interface of this site is very simple and any one can convert files using this site.
  • Go to this Link and choose the format in which you want to convert your files. 
  • After selecting file format. The site will send you on the other page. Where You have to upload your file and fill your E-mail id. And after this click on Start button. I am converting pdf to DOc file in the same way you can do it for any other file. 

  • After doing the above step you will be able to see a box with a message that you conversion has been completed and the download link will sent to your email id in a few minutes.


  • Now the last step is. Go to your email and download the file. It will look like something this.


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[How-To] Use All Cloud Storage Account with One Single Account.

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These day Cloud Storage is most frequently used online services. Many Internet users use Cloud Storage services. There are many companies that are providing free cloud storage services. Google Play, Dropbox, OneDrive and Amazon S3 etc are most famous Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage services make our life so simple. It is so easy to access any file from anywhere in the world with security also. But, Cloud storage experience is very nice for those people who have only one account. If you have multiple Cloud Storage accounts first you have to remember different password for different accounts, It is so tough task for the people who do not use password managers. When you want find any file you have search it on all your cloud Storage accounts and if you are in hurry so this problem is so big.  
Solution is MultCloud . MultCloud is a simple internet site that helps you by combining all your cloud storage at one place. MultCloud is made by AOMEI Tech. They call there self as a  a central management platform. MultCloud supports most famous CloudStorage services like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive,Amazon S3,BO,Sugar Sync , WebDav and your FTP. The Best thing about MultCloud is it is free. The user interface of this site is very nice and friendly for almost all user. You just have to sing in and use all your Cloud Storage files. 
Features Of MultCloud.
  1. You can search any file on any of your cloud storage in once.
  2. You can Preview your files. You can preview PDF, Docx an images also
  3. You can move file from one cloud storage to another.
  4. You can also share the files with public directly from MultCloud by right clicking on the file selecting share. You can remove the share link after some time.
  5. You can link any number of accounts that you want to add i.e there is no limitation on adding accounts. 

How To Use Access Multiple Cloud accounts with MultCloud. 

  • As i mentioned above the user interface is so easy to use and Creating an account on Multcloud. You have to just fill some form. Click on this link to got MultCloud.   
  • Now just fill your E-Mail and desired username and password. Keep a strong and unique password because this account will access all your Cloud Storage services.After filling form You have to activate your account from your E-mail. So just check your mailbox. The E-mail will look like this. After doing this sign in again.
  • If you want to use Multcloud,  you have to link all your account once to use this service i.e you have to grant permission to MultCloud so it can access you files and folder.  
  •  To link click on add cloud Drives and then select your cloud storage service. I am connecting my OneDrive account in the same way you can do the same for your other services.
  • After this step you can select the display name for your service and after saving display name 'allow' MultCloud to access your cloud storage service. 
  •    Once You do this you will be able to see your files and folders.
Now , Enjoyyyy
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View India in 360 with or with there Android App.

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Now you can view Indian Streets in 360 on the go with WoNoBo. You can also use it on your android device or in your browser.  At this time WoNoBo mobile app feature with 14 Indian Cities and they are planing to expand it to 54. But there online site is only providing 4 Cities 360 view. I think they are more concentrating on there mobile app. I think soon they will all 14 cities online.
Wonobo 360view of india

I tried this on there site and i was able to find my home. It is a very  experience to see your home and area in 360.  Below is the screenshot of my own area where i live.
WoNoBo bhandup view

WoNoBo can also provide you directions for going one place to other place. It has a list of beautiful places that you should visit or watch. If you want to explore any city of India this is only app that can help you. In the map oof WoNoBo they have inserted shops, Coffee shops, Offices and malls ,monuments, parks, etc. They have also added very small restaurent that are place in very rural areas.
WoNoBo is the first and the only service that provide 360 view of India. It will help almost all smartphone and pc users of India.  

"There are a number of potential use cases for the WoNoBo App that we hope businesses and individuals will exploit to the fullest extent. We hope something as mundane as sending someone directions, for example, will be a whole lot easier from now on," adds Amit Mehta, Head of Products and Marketing,

Do You also want to view your city in 360 so visit or download it on Your android phone from Google Play.

This is the Screenshot of there Mobile app.

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Convert Anything to Anything in Your Cloud Storage with CloudConvert.

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Cloud Storage is now become very common for all Internet user. Many of us use cloud storage services to store our files safely or for sharing a file with friends and colleagues or just to share some files on Internet. A common use of cloud storage is to sync files between computer and mobile.

Sometimes when you open any file in your smart phone and it just wouldn't open. This thing is very frustrating moment for you or for some reasons you want to convert any of your file that is stored on your cloud storage service. What You do to convert it? If you are downloading it and converting it so you are choosing a lengthy and very slow process. So what should you do, You can use online services to convert your cloud storage files.        

One of this services is CloudConvert. CloudConvert is very nice service that convert cloud storage files. CloudConvert offers 180 file format to convert. CloudConvert supports the conversion between more than 100 different audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. This is the reason why they tell "convert anything to anything"
At the time CloudConvert is in BETA version but it is working very well. You can use CloudConvert only on Google Drive or Dropbox. CloudConvert is still only supporting Google drive and dropbox and not supporting One Drive(Sky Drive). You can also add Files from your Desktop or PC also and after converting it will upload the file in you Cloud Storage.

How To Convert Cloud Storage files with CloudConvert.

1. Go to and choose files which you want to convert.
2.If you are using files from any Google Drive Or Dropbox allow it to access your files. When your conversion will complete Revoke the connection from cloud storage.
3. After this step it will ask you to create an account. 
4.Once you make your account chose files from your cloud storage and then click on 'SELECT' button
5. After this step select the out put format to proceed. I converted a PDF Secure file to doc. and click On ''Start Conversion' button
Now you hhave done just download the file or upload it on your cloud storage.

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